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Web developer Sydney Australia.

User Updatable Content is the key and e8 Australia specialise in CMS. e8 can economically create a powerful and stylish website to enhance the market presence of your business. Functions incorporated into your website will allow you to achieve maximum benefit from your website at minimum cost.

Your website can be created with web pages that you can update yourself, with just a web browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer. You can instantly update content without the cost or inconvenience of instructing the web development team. Discover the ease of use with the online demonstration of User Updatable Content

You can't manage what you can't measure so e8 Austalia offer easy to read LIVE MiniStats. A simple list of visitors to your home page, including country of origin, referring website, IP address, time and date of visit. More comprehensive web stats are also available for the more technically aware.

e8 Australia web hosting plans are configured to the highest standard with ample storage space, wide bandwidth, ultra fast processor speed, high level spam protection, powerful installed software, solid reliability, strong intrusion protection and high adaptability to ecommerce.
In the last 3 years an outstanding level of server reliability has been acheieved running non stop 24/7 for all but 40 minutes per year on average. That's 99.999% uptime**.

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* Genuine comparison quotations only from web developers extablished 5 years or more
** current and past performance are no guarantee of future performance
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