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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The term Search Engine Optimisation is used to describe the process of adjusting a website to effectively communicate the offering from the point of view of a search engine. (like google.com etc)

With effective SEO in place a website will rank higher in search engine results for user who enter phrases that have been pre-selected (by the website owner) as target phrases for a website.

Once the content of a website is adjusted with consideration for search engines, more qualified clients are directed to that website and therefore the opportunity to increase sales is enhanced.

To demonstrate, currently e8 Australia have selected the target phrase "User Updateble Content" as the phrase to best describe its market specialty.

e8 Australia has detremined that search engine user who are looking for a company that can custom build a website with User Updatable Content will often search with the phrase "User Updatable Content".

Just 1 week after this SEO was undertaken, e8 Australia has reached google.com position 1 (google.com is the worlds most popular place to search for a website's products or services)

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